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[Mar.19- 20]                                         New Theme, More cleaner, Webclient, Downloadble Client, More Rumors? 

Well, hello peoples, it was very easy switching source since the other one was mine andi actually coded it from near scratch, it has the right files/ documents/ java/ class/ .txt files and i coded it couple months ago, so i decided just to rewrite some and then change the name " Project Amazed" to " 2007scape ". I am very proud to say that i was sucessfully able to make a webclient since i tried to make Rswebclients a deal about using mine as a update and they refused and they didn't want to update it so fools lose, winners shine on! I'd like to say this one is 5x better and 600000x less glitchier, dupable, and all that.


5 quests fully coded. [ Dragon Slayer, Cook's assistant, Black Knight, Doric's Quest, Newcomer. I decided not to add Rune Platebody requirements. ]

More better Gameframe.

In-game Highscores

Working Tele tabs

All Npc's

All Shops

Much much more.


Much better theme

Much better written

Much better fonts + color

Much cleaner

Much less content

Website Highscores?

Better much better online/ offline system.

New Custom Whips

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